My approach and my galaxy

The way I work reflects the objectives of my clients.
My galaxy provides the necessary skills for your project.

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My entire work and organization is focused on your ambition and your culture, to provide you and your teams with tailored expertise, resources and support.

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A variety of collaborative practices

Strong collective intelligence processes to mobilize teams of any size and bring out tailored, robust and inspiring solutions

Including: World Café, Open Space Technology,
co-development, D.I.S.C., Art of Hosting, Six
Thinking Hats, Disney Method, G.E.Workshop, Lencioni’s
Five Behaviors, Technology of Participation, whispering method,
gamification, Liberating structures etc

A positive approach

Appreciative approaches extend observation and reflection to the talents, achievements and assets of individuals and organizations.

Appreciative Inquiry has been developed since the 1950s
by positive psychology practitioners to build on the impact of positive emotions.

Appreciative Inquiry make it possible to combine problem solving with an inspiring and motivating vision or goal.

Learning Organization

The articulation of individual and collective effort focuses on problem solving through :

a clear and shared vision,

a structure at the service of interrelationships,

and maintaining permanent exchange mechanisms

A systemic approach

The organization or team is approached as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

It is the relationships between the elements and the combination of their individual properties that open up surprising global solutions.

Interaction and feedback can identify
and create these multiple solutions, creating a learning and accelerating environment.

I want to know more

My galaxy

The collaborative and innovation ecosystem has many players, linked by complementary skills and visions, beyond the boundaries of their respective organizations. Here are the partners I like to work with, and who can contribute to the success of your/our projects, in French or in English.

Lorraine Margherita Galaxy

We work hand-in-hand

Thibault Chêne - Director, Eight Advisory

I love working with Lorraine because, as well as being a brilliant consultant committed to the success of the projects we run, she has qualities of honesty, sharing and professionalism that I admire. She approaches each project with the utmost seriousness and the same high standards that do not prevent her from taking a step back to unblock the situation when necessary. Her sense of humour is also one of the qualities that makes our collaboration valuable.
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Ludovic Hacopian - Co-founding partner, The Shaker Company

It is a pleasure to work with Lorraine. She has a real talent for structuring group activity and leading large meetings. In addition to the missions we have carried out together, she contributes actively and with great commitment to the life of our network. Collective intelligence is far from being a buzzword with Lorraine!
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Antonio Meza - Architect of Vision, Antoons

I have collaborated with Lorraine across different industries and continents. Together we have collaborated in facilitating collective intelligence processes with care and impact. Lorraine has the capacity to listen to what is said and to what is not said in order to propose an experience that will produce long lasting results and engagement
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Jonscott Turco - Founder, HumINx

I’ve had the great privilege to collaborate with Lorraine on numerous demanding and high impact multinational client transformations.
Through every diverse engagement, her intelligence, experience, collaborative and innovative mindset, and attention to detail is complimented by her commitment to delivering the highest quality outcomes for her clients.   
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The pace of your collective dynamics

On my own or with my network of partners, I help you with the 3 phases of your collective dynamics


Gain momentum: Share

  • Build a common image of the situation
  • Establish trust
  • Identify challenges and objectives

Carry out the gesture: Experiment

  • Use collaborative methods and tools to address identified challenges
  • Define a roadmap, responsibilities, actions

Follow the gesture: Assimilate

Include collaborative methods and tools in present and future approaches
Train the trainers if necessary

Who am I ?


Removing the barriers between decision and action is the foundation of my work. Conversations are my number one tool: I’m available to talk about your situation, speak about my experience, or hear how you have built on my work to do yours. 


20 years of experience in France and the USA

  • I spent 10 years in France in the field of economics, technology and law as a management consultant at Pricewaterhouse-Coopers and then at the telecom regulator (Arcep).
  • I made the most of my 2 experiences in the United States: as a student in international relations the first time, and then organizing and resettling refugees, translating/interpreting for asylum seekers, and mostly organizing and researching with Tom Reiss for the preparation of his book “The Black Count” (Pulitzer Prize for non-fiction 2013).
  • Back to France, I joined small consulting firms as a Senior Manager. Every time I needed to create a job, I became a freelancer. I am now part of a galaxy of seasoned professionials, eager to facilitate and co-design new modes of governance, leading companies to better decision-making and greater team participation in their future.

Key transformation skills for your success

  • Partnering with sponsors and a co-design team
  • Guiding leadership and management teams
  • Mobilization of managerial communities
  • A systemic approach to organizations and teams
  • An appreciative approach to teams and projects
  • Business intelligence and articles on leadership and adaptive governance

A variation of top-tier trainings and certifications

  • Sciences Po. Lyon: Communication
  • Georgetown University, Washington D.C.: International relations (School of Foreign Service)
  • Dauphine University, Paris: Management
  • Certifications: Group coaching with the systemic approach, D.I.S.C., Appreciative inquiry, World Café, gamification, Design Thinking for Business Innovation, Techniques of Participation, Designing Business models, Worldview Intelligence…

I am also the mother of three young and incredible adults who hold triple citizenship, a musician, a traveler and an avid non-fiction reader and listener.

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