Consulting : Collective dynamics and Decision-making

Co-designer, facilitate and manage collaborative methods and experiences
for the strategy and governance of organizations

A range of complementary action-oriented methods


A variety of collaborative practices

We base our approach on solid collective intelligence processes, to mobilise teams of all sizes and bring out solutions that are tailored, robust and inspiring.


Appreciativeness & Positive Psychology

Appreciative approaches extend observation and reflection to the talents, achievements and assets of individuals and organizations. They link problem solving to an inspiring and motivating vision or goal.


Design thinking

The posture and principles of Design Thinking complement collaborative practices by focusing on the human element, curiosity, a taste for action and the ability to reformulate questions to find better solutions.


Systemic approach

The organization or team is approached as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. It is the relationships between the elements and the combination of their individual properties that open up surprising global solutions.


Learning organizations

The articulation of individual and collective effort focuses on problem solving through: a clear and shared vision, a structure at the service of interrelations, and the maintenance of permanent exchange mechanisms.

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My co-design method
reflects the desired objectives


Building your project together

I combine the best of both worlds: my skills in collaborative practices and your knowledge of your business and corporate culture. In this way we can put collective intelligence into practice from our first meeting.


Demonstrating listening skills in the field

On my own or with my partners, I conduct individual and confidential interviews with the members of the co-design team and their leaders in order to prepare the programme and feed the teams’ reflection during the workshops and forums.


Promoting participation and ownership

I alternate working sessions in sub-groups with plenary sessions for decision making in order to maintain an effective and sustainable assimilation dynamic within the group.


Relying on concrete deliverables

At the end of my missions, I provide you with several documents (synthesis of the interviews, synthesis of the productions, tools to build the momentum, etc.) on which you can base your actions.

Picture : Kian Zhang

An approach based on collective intelligence

A customised course for your organization

I use a wide range of collaborative, systemic and learning methods and tools – and even invent some – to match your company’s governance project.

A galaxy of stakeholders for each project

My ecosystem counts many stakeholders, linked by complementary skills and visions, beyond the boundaries of their respective organizations.

Ability to work in all types of structures

I am able to work both with large French and international structures, as well as smaller structures, from field teams to management teams.

Continuous updating of our methods

I constantly monitor the foundations, methods and concrete examples that feed my work and that of my clients.

Experiential training

A unique formula, tested and adjusted, which reflects the intentions and ambitions of an experiential training in collaborative methods and tools.

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Conference and keynotes

Interventions on accountability in organizations to open up your company to innovative governance models and practices.

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A track record of trust

Antoine Caput, Thales Alenia Space, VP Telesat Lightspeed Program Manager

The start-up of a major project (in this case, a low-earth orbit satellite constellation) requires the management team to have a perfect understanding of the plan and the issues at stake, to be fully cohesive and to select and share common values. By leading the launch of our team and channelling our energies, ideas and characters, Lorraine, as a true practitioner, offered us an adapted framework and a functional method that allowed us to reach our immediate objectives and constituted a solid base for the launch of the project. The team unanimously reaped real benefits from this investment for several months.

Frédéric Cougnaud, Thales Alenia Space, VP Engineering/Production Competence Center

Meeting a major challenge requires the manager to get the team on board to achieve the goal. The work done with Lorraine Margherita has enabled me to evolve personally, to find the right tone to get my team on board, but above all to ensure that our CODIR really works as a team, that each of us participates more in the global than the local success. In the end, the objective considered impossible by some was achieved.

Hélène Abraham, HOP!Air France, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing

While we had a challenge to move the lines in a very multicultural (French) organization, Lorraine’s support was decisive in its efficiency and accuracy. She was able to skilfully show a path where everyone recognised themselves and came out growing and motivated to build the next part of our history.

Philippe Goetz, General Manager of Hop's training center - ICARE

I had the pleasure of working with Lorraine a few years ago on an empowerment project for Hop – Air France.
Contact was maintained through our common interest in improving the functioning of organizations through collective intelligence.
In 2022, I therefore asked Lorraine, as part of the rebirth of ICARE, to assist the management team in developing the values and raison d’être of the training centre.
Another great experience, unanimously recognised by all participants.

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