Conferences & Keynotes on Leadership

Inspire tangible impact for organizations through real-life experiences
across countless industries, countries, and organizations.

I share insights mostly during my consulting assignments, through conferences on management  for leadership teams and management communities.
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I also create short episodes for the Co-Dynamics podcast: in English and in French since 2022.
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I have been giving conferences and interviews on on leadership, innovation and decision-making since 2016.

Innov8rs, Management 3.0, Society for Organizational Learning etc

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Lorraine Margherita
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Virtual Learning Practice
Lorraine Margherita Ateliers Renault Lab 2024
Lorraine Margherita

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Based on a long-standing and ongoing search for proven models and examples


My interventions benefit from the identification and analysis of a panorama of more than 40 governance models, sometimes dating back several decades


Ces modèles sont illustrés par une veille constante des pratiques menées dans de multiples organisations


These governance models and their illustrations are based on concrete experiences and intentions; they do not represent the practical application of theoretical thinking. This is what makes them inspiring for and practicable in your organization.

Picture : Darius Bright

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