Experiential collaborative training

An experiential training combining keynotes and practice for concrete results in the appropriation of collaborative methods and tools

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Extend the impact of consulting assignments with experiential training for your teams

A beneficial deepening

Certified professionals benefit from being part of organizations that carry out parallel consulting missions in collective dynamics, for more profound, sustainable and empowering results.

A personal and collective commitment

The training programme requires practical application and personal and collective involvement of your employees, reflecting the ambitions of all participants.

A certificate of achievement

At the end of the training, employees receive proof of their involvement. The certification of achievement is the culmination of the practical application in a concrete project, individually or in pairs.

Train your teams to be collaborative!

Offer your employees a proven training path


A training course designed and run by a team

My experiential training programme is adapted and supported by a team of qualified trainers. A second senior consultant works with me on production and external experts share complementary practices along the way.


A customized training for your organization

We use a wide range of collaborative, systemic and learning methods and tools to match your company’s project.


A multicultural approach

The programme was conducted in French and English for French-speaking or multicultural teams, reflecting the context and missions of the participants.


A unique training

No other training in France includes so much experimentation, support and coaching to train teams in collaborative practices. The proposed training course is QUALIOPI certified.

Picture : Allan Mas

Support the development of your teams collaborative skills in a sustainable way

An asset in the development of your employees

For many participants, the training programme was a real springboard, an accelerator of professional and personal development.

Long-term impact

My training is designed in such a way that trainees continue to take part in discussions and assessments long after they have completed the course.


Key support for further progress

The material provided along the way continue to be used long after the tools and methods they describe have been tested.


The experience speaks for itself

“A global journey to have a general methodology for backbone and many tools that give the possibility to apply the methodology to real cases”

“I was taken out of my comfort zone but never felt stressed because the environment was safe”

The journey is progressive, from the basics to very practical exercises of what we have learned, giving us the confidence that “Yes, we can”.

“The training has nourished me because it has been part of my journey, I continue to use today what it has given me”

“I am pleasantly surprised by how far each person has come after this training”.

“I liked the supervised sessions for their effectiveness.”

“We learned from others, the collective came first”.

“Without this training, I wouldn’t have the job I have today.

“I liked the dynamics and the team spirit built during this trip”

Qualiopi certification is issued on the basis of the national quality reference framework. It certifies the quality of the process implemented for this action contributing to the development of skills and allows you to access public and mutualised funds.

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